Flash Fiction

Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening I really don’t know what a fix is… I never did drugs. It was just that this new situation was very addictive and I was transfixed. It changed everything and I felt helpless. This was ridiculous but there I was. I, a much married man, just could not help myself being affected like… Continue reading Rude Awakening


Matching the ‘Pegs’ And ‘Holes’

In the frenzy that follows a celebrity death or any horrifying end to a well-known personality, the Freuds, Sherlocks and Devi Shettys of society come out of the woodwork to voice their expert opinions. News channels and social networking sites are full of messages trying to make sense of the seemingly inexplicable death. It was… Continue reading Matching the ‘Pegs’ And ‘Holes’