Making Sense out of Senselessness

A 47 year old school principal’s life is snuffed out in a moment. Crime: she reprimanded a teenager for having insufficient attendance. A seven year old finds his throat slit within an hour of being dropped at school. His crime: his life was the means to have the examination postponed A bunch of revelers beat… Continue reading Making Sense out of Senselessness


Making Attitude work for you

What is common among an Abdul Kalam, a Kartiki Patel, a Tendulkar, a Malvika Iyer, a Viktor Frankl or a Laxmi Agarwal? They have nothing in common as far as professional success or educational backgrounds are concerned, yet, they make one paraphrase Gabbar Singh, "Kaunsi chakki ki aata, kathe hai ye log?" They have been… Continue reading Making Attitude work for you

Short Stories

The tale of the two easy chairs……..

They were two identical chairs ...identical barring a few small differences in the colour of the canvas that were strategically placed in the portico of two neigbouring houses numbered 29 and 31 in one of the salubrious by lane of Saharkarnagar in Bangalore. The hustle bustle of the Bellary Road hardly permeated the sleepy neighbourhood… Continue reading The tale of the two easy chairs……..