Matching the ‘Pegs’ And ‘Holes’

In the frenzy that follows a celebrity death or any horrifying end to a well-known personality, the Freuds, Sherlocks and Devi Shettys of society come out of the woodwork to voice their expert opinions. News channels and social networking sites are full of messages trying to make sense of the seemingly inexplicable death. It was… Continue reading Matching the ‘Pegs’ And ‘Holes’


Reining in the demons

"Make not your thoughts your prisons." Cleopatra was told, yet in 2018, people are guilty of not only locking the prison but throwing away the key. We are unable to comprehend the deaths of Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Bhaiyyu Maharaj, who seem to ‘have it all’, yet were clearly unhappy. Depression can be characterized by… Continue reading Reining in the demons