About Me

I love to talk, read, teach and write but not necessarily in the same order.
I am passionate about teaching and I have been in this teaching/ training profession by choice and not by chance for the last 17 years. I find myself transported to another plane when it comes to teaching. I set sail professionally as an English teacher then moved on to adult training on Behavioural and Communication skills.

Presently, I am freelancer. I conduct Train the Trainer, creative writing for children, Volunteer at a nearby hospital and have started a story telling and reading club for underprivileged children.

Though teaching is my passion, writing satiates my inner desire to express my views on myriad topics. I have had more than 120 articles, short stories and poems published in various magazines, newspaper and other periodicals across India and in Jakarta Post. I am a keen observer of human nature and I write on any topic that takes my fancy. I always tell people, I write on topics that I would love to tell my children and I get paid for the advice that they don’t heed!

Above all, I love my cup of tea:)


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